3 Ways to Encourage an Early Love for Reading

9 December 2015
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Reading is an important part of your child's education. Instilling an early love for reading will be one of the best things you can do for your child. A joy for reading starts young; this is why you should begin as early as toddlerhood for your child. Here are some things that parents can do at home to encourage their children to read.

1. Make Reading a Special Time, Not a Chore

Some parents make the mistake of forcing the child to read. Because the parent knows how important it is, they might make the child sit down and read with them, even if the child isn't enjoying it. You don't want reading to become a chore or something to dread. Instead, if the child would like to dance, play with toys, or color while you are reading to them, it is a good start. Hopefully as time progresses they will take more interest.

If possible, you should try to make reading a special time. This is a good chance to snuggle, turn off all electronics, and make it a meaningful time between you and the child. This will make reading time a time to look forward to.

2. Allow the Child to Pace the Story

When you are reading the book the child may want to read the same book over and over again. In addition, they may stop and point at things on each page saying each thing, or even attempt to read it themselves. Although this may be frustrating for you since you want to get through the book, this is healthy for the child. They should be free to explore the book and enjoy the story how they want.

This is also a good chance for the child to explore their interests. If your child is only interested in superheroes, choose books that involve superheroes. Don't try to force other stories if the child has no interest.

3. Let the Child See You Reading and Enjoying It

Children learn by example. With handheld devices being so common, children rarely see their parents enjoying a good book. If your child sees you reading books or magazines and enjoying them, then the child will want to be a part of your hobby. Utilize the library and get hard copy books rather than electronic versions if possible. This will help show the child that reading is a fun past time.

These are just three easy ways that you can encourage your young child to love reading. If your child is the right age, it may also help to enroll your child in accredited preschools, where reading and education is encouraged.