3 Tips For Parents With Preschool Aged Children

8 June 2017
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When you want to start your child off right on the path to education, it all begins by choosing a great preschool. Doing this requires some knowledge and experience, in addition to an understanding of your child's learning style. Once you have found the perfect preschool for your child, you'll need to apply some tips to make the most out of this experience. To learn all of the above, read on and put these guidelines to use. 

#1: Start researching the best preschools

If you are looking to make the best decision for your child's preschool years, start by researching the best schools in your area. A good way to do this is by getting referrals from other parents you know who have or have had preschool aged children. Make sure to consider the way that your child learns, as most preschools adhere to certain philosophical styles. Make sure to also hash out details dealing with logistics. Even the best preschool in your county will not be worth it if distance and routes are not feasible based on where you live. Most of all, speak to the administration and teachers at the preschool, so that you have a good feeling about your decision before you make it completely.

#2: Learn all you can about the cost

Preschool is an expenditure that you must account for during the decision-making process. The prices of tuition can vary greatly — because parents on average pay somewhere between approximately $4500 per year and $13,000 per year. Be sure that you also account for materials, busing, uniform, food and any other expenditures that may come into play. Doing so gives you the opportunity to budget to the best of your ability, while shopping around for schools that are affordable.

#3: Get your child ready

Before sending your child to preschool, make sure that they are as up to speed as possible. Many preschools have entrance tests, so make sure to find out what is covered on the exam and prepare your child accordingly. It is important also to teach them all about health and safety as they look forward to their first day. Teach your child about washing their hands and staying away from any items that may be dangerous. Likewise, be sure that the preschool facility adheres to strict health and safety protocols.

Stick to these three tips and you will be better able to find the right preschool, like Sammamish Montessori School, and prepare your child for this part of their life.