Questions To Ask Before Enrolling Your Child In Preschool

9 June 2015
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Are you the parent of a young child? Are you currently looking for a good preschool for him or her to attend? Here are some things you might not have thought of asking before you sign the enrollment papers:

Ask about their toilet training policy: If your child isn't toilet trained yet, make sure to discuss toilet training policy with prospective preschools. Not everyone has the same ideas and methods for toilet training, so you want to make sure that you pick one that agrees with yours. A good preschool should be willing to assist in the toilet training procedure and not simply leave your child in diapers all the time.

Find out if they provide a structured environment: Some locations which claim to offer preschool enrollment may be little more than daycare centers. They may not do anything besides provide toys and allow the kids to play all day. However, in order to help get your child ready for kindergarten, a good preschool should provide some structured lessons. They might have daily reading time to get the children interested in books or lessons to help them learn their colors. Of course, they will also allow all of the children ample time to play in order to help them develop the social skills they will need for kindergarten.

Inquire about age-appropriate discipline: When considering places for preschool enrollment, find out what their discipline policy is. Do they make a misbehaving child sit in the corner or on a naughty chair? Are they told to help clean the classroom? Do the teachers make them stay inside instead of being allowed out to play? Make sure that their idea of appropriate discipline aligns with your own. Although your child may be well-behaved, even the most well-behaved child can do something wrong now and then.

Discuss their meal and snack options: Even if you plan to provide all of your child's meals and snacks, you should find out what they serve to children who bring none. Are they healthy options, like yogurt or fruit, or are they filler items like cookies and crackers? There may be days when you're too busy or not feeling well enough to make food for your child to bring along. You should also ask about what happens when a child doesn't finish their food. Do they make him or her sit there to finish it, do they save it for later or do they throw the food away? 

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